Where will the shoot take place?
In Putney, SW15.  Nearest train station - Putney.  Nearest tube - East Putney (District Line). I'll send you full details once you're booked in.

What if the weather is very wet and/or windy?
As I use mainly natural light, I am fairly weather dependant. After we've arranged the date and time for your session, I'll be in touch again nearer the time to confirm depending on how the weather forecast for Putney is looking and we can rearrange if needs be.

How should I prepare for the shoot?
Get a good night's sleep the night before and I'd strongly advise you to avoid alcohol. If you're planning a haircut or new hair colour, get this done at least a few days before the photoshoot just in case you're not completely happy with the new look. Ladies, if you have a fringe, please ensure it is either cut short enough or styled to the sides so that your hair is not in any way covering your eyes. The eyes are so important in headshots, we must be able to see them! It's also a good idea to discuss with your agent (if you have one) your casting type, and have a think about what sort of clothing options will help compliment this. 

What should I bring?
Please bring a good selection of single-coloured tops/shirts, so avoid anything too patterned, no stripes or bold logos, also it's best to avoid bright, very light or neon colours.  The exception to this is that you can get away with a white or light-coloured shirt or top if you'll be wearing a darker-coloured jacket over the top. 
Pastels & darker colours work well, as do greys and muted colours, such as muted or dark greens or blues. A selection of jackets: leather, denim, smart etc is useful and will give us more options. Also, for ladies, don't limit yourself to tops, many dresses have lovely necklines that can look great in headshots. 
As I work outdoors, if it's a cold day, do come prepared as you would for an outdoor film or TV shoot, i.e. wear a thick warm coat that you can take off when we're about to begin each batch of shots. 

What about make-up?
Less is more. Please come with your usual daytime make-up, not made up for the stage or a night out. Do bring powder and lipstick to touch up if needs be, muted lipstick colours such as pinks work better than bright red and matte lipstick is better than glossy in headshots. For many people, just a touch of coloured lip balm works really well.

Can I shave my facial hair/tie my hair back partway through the shoot?
Certainly. Please remember to bring everything you'll need.

How long does the session take?
Usually about 1 hour, maybe a little more or less, for a straightforward standard photoshoot involving about 3 different clothing options. If you plan to change your hairstyle or facial hair during the shoot or if you try out more clothing options, it will obviously take longer. Please see the 'Rates' page for details about the different packages I offer.

What happens after the shoot?
I will email your contact sheet to you within 1 working day (PDF file with low-res images). After you have let me know which images you'd like me to retouch and prepare as high quality files, I'll get those to you usually within 5 working days* of receiving your choices. I'd advise you to pick the 3 (or more) photos that represent you best, and try not to go for very similar looks, a variety of facial expressions and angles will give you/your agent more options when putting you up for work.
*I occasionally work away from London; I'll let you know if there are any away dates coming up soon after your shoot, but if you take a while to make your choices, please be aware that turnaround time may be longer if I'm then away when you submit your requests. 
If you have a deadline or for any reason need the images quicker than that, depending on my availability and workload, I can potentially negotiate, at a higher price, an express service. Let me know when you get in touch to book if you need the finished photos by a certain deadline, and I can let you know my fee for the express service.

Can I have high quality versions of the unedited images from the shoot?
I'm afraid not. The copyright of the unedited images belongs to me. If you'd like any further edits done, this is charged at £20 per extra image retouched.

Can I ask someone else's opinion regarding which images to choose?
By all means ask your partner, agent or a friend for their opinion, but please do not put the original unedited contact sheet images online or on social media.  This is standard procedure with most headshot photographers in order to maintain high standards.

How many repros of the finished edits can I get printed?
As many as you like. I don't provide a printing service, there are various companies available, I can recommend http://www.visualeyes.co.uk 

Colour? Black & White? Both?
These days, the standard for headshots in both the UK and the USA is colour. This is a complete turnaround from 10-15+ years ago when headshots were all black & white. I always shoot in colour and usually in portrait rather than landscape orientation as it's the expected standard nowadays for Spotlight submissions. However, if you would like any or all of your finished edits in B&W as well as colour, just let me know. 

Will you consider any other types of photography: rehearsal/production shots, kids/family portraits etc?
Possibly, depending on the project. Email me with the details and I'll be happy to discuss.